Counselling Leamington Spa

Worryangeranxietystress and depression are very common in today’s society. Counselling can offer emotional support during difficult times e.g. redundancybereavementrelationships problemsmoney worries or debt problems.

I offer the opportunity for you to speak and be heard with respect, understanding and acceptance. This can help you discover more about yourself, relationships and your future.

Counselling Offers Understanding

When things are difficult, do you sometimes think you cannot cope? Counselling may help you understand what makes people ‘tick’. This means you can understand yourself and others through developing awareness!

Counselling Offers Help and Support

Everybody needs help at sometime in their life and sometimes those closest to us are too close to see the wood for the trees or are even part of the problem. That is why thousands of ordinary people choose to talk to a experienced, qualified and professional counsellor who can help them unravel the confusion they find themselves in and move into the future with clarity and confidence.

Counselling Leamington Spa


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